Premier Roadmap Package™

大奖88官方网页登陆Our signature offering: year-round guidance on high school success. Designed for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, this 12-month package includes extracurricular and leadership development, non-profit development, resume and cover letter assistance, standardized testing timeline, assistance with applications for contests and awards, and course selection. These services are provided via text and email, edits and suggestions on essays and other documents, and private one on one consultation with one of our senior counselors, hand-picked based on the student’s needs, learning style, and interests.

Activity Development

At Command Education, our experienced counselors have developed a keen eye for what makes an exceptional extracurricular list. We help choose activities that both reflect our students’ unique goals and interests and will demonstrate to admissions officers what role they’ll play on campus once admitted. We excel at discovering unique projects and opportunities for our students, from writing public policy proposals to founding their own nonprofits.

Leadership Mentoring

大奖88官方网页登陆 Admissions officers are looking for applications that show not only excellence, but the drive to be a self-starter and a go-getter. We help our students locate leadership opportunities in their schools and communities and provide guidance in taking those opportunities to the next level. Our students aren’t just class presidents — they are award-winning nonprofit founders, community organizers, political activists, and entrepreneurs.

Resume Building

大奖88官方网页登陆 It’s often an intimidating task to sum up one’s academic and professional experience onto one sheet of paper. Many students overlook the crucial process of crafting a proper resume.

At Command Education, our counselors will help you accurately and strategically present your experience to colleges as well as to potential employers.

Nonprofit and Entrepreneurial Coaching

One of the most effective ways for students to distinguish themselves and pursue their passions in a meaningful way is by starting their own entrepreneurial or nonprofit ventures. Our counselors guide students through the process, from identifying a stand-out idea to executing, developing, and marketing their organization.

Specialized Premier Roadmap Package™

大奖88官方网页登陆Every student is different, but our counselors have identified a few ‘tracks’ where students may require or benefit from some added structure and industry experience. For more information, go to the page for each of these specialized programs.

Command Med™

For students interested in entering the medical or dental professions, this extremely rigorous program is only offered to three students per year.


Command Athletics™

Many student-athletes wait too long before diving into the complex college recruitment process — our athletic roadmap package puts students ahead of the game.


Command Creative™

Students skilled in creative writing often have difficulty translating their skillset into achievements that stand out to colleges. Our specialized program can help.


Get Started

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Why Should I Hire a College Consultant

The college admissions landscape is complicated and has changed a lot over the past several years. Read our 6 reasons to hire a private college counselor/ college consultant.

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