Premier Senior Package™

大奖88官方网页登陆Our Premier Senior Package™ is designed to take a high school senior through the college application process, from choosing the perfect schools to writing the most compelling college essays and acing the college alumni interviews.

College List

Our counselors guide students through finding appropriate safety, match, and reach schools. Many students have no idea how to determine if a school is a reach for them or how to find safety schools that still meet their goals and expectations. Our goal for our students is to find schools where the student will be happy, enabled to pursue their areas of interest, and academically challenged and motivated.

Essay ideas/edits

The college essay writing process Assistance brainstorming and strategizing for college essays. Providing edits and suggestions on college essay drafts, helping with grammar, spelling and elements of style/’flow’. making detailed suggestions for content, structure, tone and diction and by reviewing and commenting on subsequent revisions until the Client feels they are the best they can be.

Activities list/résumé building

It can be intimidating to need to sum up one’s academic, extracurricular and professional experience onto one sheet of paper, or ten entries on the Common Application. The less space you have to describe your activities, the more every word counts. At Command Education, our counselors will help you accurately and strategically present your experience to colleges and potential employers.

Interview Prep

The college interview may be the most feared part of the entire admissions process. Interview skills are vital for getting any job, internship, or offer of admission. We guide students through extensive prep and mock interviews to ensure they have the expertise and confidence and to let their personalities shine and leave a lasting impression. We also help students keep track of deadlines, remember which schools accept the Common Application and which have their own process, and identify appropriate ways to express interest in various schools.

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Why Should I Hire a College Consultant

The college admissions landscape is complicated and has changed a lot over the past several years. Read our 6 reasons to hire a private college counselor/ college consultant.

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